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Upcoming Events #

GraphQL in production: KLM & Bynder cases #

We'd like to share KLM and Bynder experience working on GraphQL based applications that thousands of people are using every day. Beyond basics we'll discuss: persistent queries (query whitelisting and reduced bandwidth usage); optimistic UI (make the interface respond faster); connecting React components to GraphQL with wrappers (improvements beyond default Apollo frontend implementation)... and the cherry on the cake: GraphQL Subscriptions.

GraphQL Summit 2017 #

GraphQL Summit is a conference dedicated entirely to the GraphQL developer community. Speakers from all around the world will talk about GraphQL best practices, design patterns, adoption stories, GraphQL in production, and the open source ecosystem. This year there will be one track of talks over two days, as well as an afterparty and workshops. The CFP closes August 14, 2017 12:00AM PST.

Past Events #

Relay Modern or Apollo? #

  • Conference: ReactNext 2017
  • Date: 10th September, 2017
  • Location: Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Link:

New project starts. Everyone is excited. GraphQL is on the stack. Yay! Life is good! Suddenly someone pops the question. So which GraphQL Client should we use? What do you mean? Oh, nooo! =) Don’t worry I’ve got your back. In this talk I am going to put these two under the microscope and find out what are they best at, what features they share and, most importantly, what are their key differences! You can relax.

Unleashing the power of GraphQL and React #

GraphQL is awesome! After only a year it has got a lot of attention from the community. Many implementations have emerged and it's just getting better. Is GraphQL right for you? Is it a query language or runtime? In this talk I am going to take you from 0 to hero. ;)

GraphQL - The People's Query Language #

In this talk, we'll discuss the history and purpose of GraphQL, common misconceptions about GraphQL, and setting up GraphQL in a Node/Express back-end. We'll also take a look at GraphQL's development tool GraphiQL and how it self-documents your resources. If you're curious about GraphQL and how to make working with relational data a breeze, join us!

GraphQL-Europe Conference #

GraphQL-Europe is a non-profit GraphQL conference in Europe with speakers from all around the world. Learn about GraphQL best practices from industry experts and become part of the thriving GraphQL community.

Workshop - Building a real-time app using GraphQL and React #

Everyone is excited about Subscriptions, the new real-time GraphQL feature. Curious about how you can use it past the basic app? This is your workshop! We are going to introduce the overall architecture and share our learnings while building a real-time voting app.

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